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Start a Chartered
“You Can Still Pray in School”
in your church, ministry or organization

The "You Can Still Pray in School" Campaign is an
Interdenominational Educational Effort

It costs you nothing!
Sponsored by Concepts of Freedom Ministries, Inc.
A 501(c)3 non profit organization
1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite K, Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Email: Prayer@freedombiblecollege.org                Home page: http://www.freedombiblecollege.org 

Prayer and Bible reading in public schools are still legal!

    Here are the simple steps and procedures:
    1.     The first task is to find a director. The director may be the pastor, but it would be better if it was another trusted person in the organization that has a burden to bring God back to prominence in our public schools. Age or sex is not a factor as long as it is an adult that has a talent to lead and inspire.
        The director will have to become very familiar with the legal guidelines to the point that he or she can explain them in simple terms.
        Click here for the Application for the Directorship.

    2.    Recruit a support group or committee that is willing to help promote and back the program. A part of their responsibilities will be to advertise the campaign. They will be able to find a wide range of free promotion avenues that are geared toward non profit organizations.

    3.    Fill out the Application to Start A “You Can Still Pray in School” Campaign along with the Application for Directorship, and send it to Concepts of Freedom Ministries. After you are approved, you will receive your charter from Concepts of Freedom Ministries free of charge.

    4.    Have monthly or bimonthly meetings for the purpose sharing testimonies, successes and setbacks, in the event there are any. These meeting should be fun and can be attended by children as well as adults. Other than a short motivational presentation from the leader, it should be an casual time with few formalities. Other than starting and ending with prayer and Bible reading, there should be little agenda. Serve refreshments and maybe even have a short game or Bible quiz. Allow time for group participation. Always greet successes with group applause.

    5.    Keep in mind that the primary and foremost goal of the “You Can Still Pray in School” Campaign is the education of children, parents and other interested parties.   

    6.    Avoid confrontations at the school(s). In the event you encounter resistance when you are following the guidelines, report it to Concepts of Freedom Ministries. It is not our goal to become involved in any legal battles. Our goal is to work in Christian love, kindly promoting the laws already in place.   

    7.    Monetary donations made to your campaign will be used exclusive for your campaign. All donations will be tax deductible under the 501(c)3 tax shelter.

    8.    Keep Concepts of Freedom Ministries informed as to the progress of your chapter in a timely manner. An informal report is appreciated after each meeting. This report may be sent by email or postal mail. If you use email, please put the words “Prayer in School” in the subject line.

    9.     All positions are volunteer.

Click Here to see a Sample Promotional Flier

Concepts of Freedom Ministries

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 1270 Hwy 412 W. Suite K, Siloam Springs, AR 72761 -- 479-373-6420

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