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Freedom Bible College is an online Bible school that is recognized by Bible colleges world-wide.
Distance learning and resident classes are available.
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FBCS Main Campus Links

A message from the President

As president, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to Freedom Bible College & Seminary Main Campus . If you are looking for a place to earn a quality Christian degree and receive help in releasing your potential and understanding in the Word of God, search no further. One of our goals is to make disciples of Christ through the help of the Holy Spirit so that men and women can understand their God appointed function and fulfill their purpose in His kingdom.

Dr. Jeffery L. Reeves
The curricula and courses offered at the Freedom Bible College & Seminary Main Campus are not the easiest, but they are among the best you can find anywhere or at any price. We not only share these resources with you, but we also teach them in life application style that brings out the best in you. Whether you are laity, pastor, preacher, evangelist, deacon or teacher we believe that you have a ministry and that you should be taught in all the wisdom that we may present you perfect in Christ Jesus  (Col. 2:28).
Graduates of Freedom Bible College & Seminary can stand proud because they have become a part of an elite group who have earned a recognized and coveted FBCS degree.

Jeffery L. Reeves, D.Min. CC, Ed.D.


Freedom Bible College & Seminary Main Campus, the home college of Freedom Bible College & Seminary, Inc. and outreach of  Concepts of Freedom Ministries, Inc. with headquarters in Siloam Springs Arkansas, has a distinctive vocation is to equip students for faithful leadership and critical reflection on the church’s role in a dramatically changing global culture.

The primary focus of Freedom Bible College & Seminary is teaching, with the commitment to maintain excellence in academic programs that foster intellectual enhancement. Additionally, we stress character development, which includes religious, cultural, social, and ethical values. We endeavor to graduate students with demonstrated competencies in their chosen fields of study.

The purpose of this Bible college and seminary is to obey in letter and spirit of the FBCS Motto, "Educating the World to Save the World" as it is expressed in the Great Commission given by our Lord in Matthew 28: 18-20, “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen”.

The home offices of Freedom Bible College and Seminary located at 1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite K, Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Assisted Academicssm
Assisted Academicssm is a program used exclusively by Freedom Bible College and Seminary. This plan allows the student to enjoy the fast pace of home study along with the benefits of classroom instruction.

                                  Assisted Academics in Action

Students enrolled in the FBCS Main Campus or one of our branches attend class only one or two times a week. The rest of the work is done in the comfort of their home. This plan allows the student to complete a 4 year degree in about 2 years.


Tuition costs are are among the lowest in the world.  Prices are kept low to make affordable the pursuit of an advanced diploma. An interest-free, pre-approved monthly payment plan is offered to everyone enrolled in FBCS.  It is not our objective to make money. Our objective is to offer an opportunity for personal improvement and to promote advancement in the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

Life and Ministry Credits
Freedom Bible College and Seminary Main Campus allows life and ministry credits. You may have years of college credits just awaiting you. You can receive these credits for pastoring, ministry, evangelist, missionary, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, praise and worship leader and many, many other types of ministry. You may closer to your degree than you ever thought.

Freedom Bible College and Seminary is not a diploma mill, therefore,  we do not award degrees or credits strictly on the basis of life and ministry credits. If you are looking for a effortless way to a degree, Freedom Bible College and Seminary is not the place for you.

Percentage of People with Degrees
Associate's Degree   9 %
Bachelor's Degree 35% to 40%
Master's  Degree
Doctorate Degree

Retreat Banquet

The courses of study are for neither the passive student nor someone who is interested in an easy way to a diploma. Our curriculum is designed to give you a tremendous amount of accurate information and to challenge your mind. It is appropriate to reference the supreme authority of the Word in 2 Timothy 2:15 - Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. God never intended for our walk with Him to be without effort. He expects us to search the scriptures and other sources to find our place in His great plan.

The curriculum is well balanced and biblically based being described as evangelical, ecumenical, with an emphasis placed on developing a solid Christian character for the work of the ministry. All FBCS curriculum is accredited by the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, Inc. ICAAI is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Degrees and Programs Offered
(Click on the Degree or Program of your Choice for Course Details)

Certificate Programs
    Christian Workers Certificate
    Pastoral Certificate
    Biblical Studies Certificate
    Teaching Certificate (undergraduate)
    Christian Education Teaching Certificate (non secular - graduate)
    International Christian Counselors Alliance Certificate (graduate)


If you plan to enter any bachelor degree program, it is not necessary to receive an associate degree before entering that program The associate courses will be included in the bachelor program. This saves you the cost of the associate degree.        
    Christian Studies

    Biblical Studies
    Ministry - Rudiments of Counseling
(Other bachelor's degree plans will become available at a later date)

    Christian Education
(Other master's degree plans will become available at a later date)

(Other doctorate degree plans will become available at a later date)


Dr Reeves and the Huntsville, Arkansas Freewill Baptist Youth Choir

Admission Requirements

A High School diploma or equivalency is required.

Applicants for admission to FBCS Main Campus are considered without regard to sex, age, color, national or ethnic origin, meeting the guidelines of the Civil Rights Act, Section 1984 and all other local and federal programs.

FBCS Main Campus will accept any and all individuals who desire to increase their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each prospective student will be assessed according to academic background and experience. An individualized program of study will be set up to meet those needs.

The FBCS Main Campus Application for Enrollment must be sent to the Admissions Office at 1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite K, Siloam Springs, AR 72761. Within a few days of receiving an application, with the agreed upon tuition payment or application fee, the applicant will be notified regarding acceptance and will receive a personalized degree plan. The initial payment will be applied to tuition or will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted for any reason. The Application Fee is non-refundable.

Although short semester breaks will be given, classes basically continue to help you get through your certificate or degree plan quicker.

To be admitted, all candidates are required to create an application package. This package should contain (1) The completed Application for Enrollment. (2) A recent photo of yourself (family photos are acceptable). (3) A resume of your life and ministry experience. (4) A statement of your salvation experience. (5) Transcripts from other colleges attended. (6) Copies of certificates of completion. (7) Other documentation of higher education.


Contact FBCS

General Information:




Mailing Address:                          
1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite K
Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

Physical Address:
1270 Hwy 412 W, Suite K
Siloam Springs, Arkansas 72761

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Words and music Copyright by  Freedom Bible College & Seminary Siloam Springs, AR  2004
All Rights Reserved

The Freedom Bible College Alma Mater

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom is our battle cry!
We're Educating the World to Save the World,
So the name of Jesus Christ is lifted high!

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom is the song we sing!
We're lifting up the holy name of our God
Bringing glory, and honor to our King!

Yes, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom and liberty!
Breaking through the bars of captivity,
With the cross before us, we can boldly sing
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!!

Words and music Copyright by  Freedom Bible College & Seminary Siloam Springs, AR  2004
All Rights Reserved