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Earn a Chaplain Certificate  or a Chaplain Degree
at home or at one of our residence campuses

Within a short time you can be qualified to work in a
hospital or jail as a chaplain.

For More Information: info@freedom.edu

Chaplains occupy a special niche within pastoral ministry. Chaplains frequently enter the lives of suffering people during times of acute emotional, physical, and spiritual crisis. In reality, they are special caregivers who come alongside  those who are hurting, offering exhortation, encouragement, and much needed spiritual direction. Often, this includes ministry to not only the afflicted individual, but includes entire families. As such, chaplains must be more than merely well-meaning volunteers. The qualified chaplain is distinguished by specialized training, credentialing, commitment to the process of peer review, transparency, accountability, and, of course, a deep commitment to Scriptural integrity. From hospice care, to institutional correctional chaplaincy, to fire, police, and emergency roles, campus chaplaincy and nursing homes, the chaplain often make the difference between success and failure in the life of the one in need.

When you complete the Chaplain Certificate program you will receive a certificate verifying the completion of the program. When you complete the Bachelor's Degree program you will be commissioned as a certified Chaplain.

Log on to freedom.edu right now to fill out your application. You can enroll in 5 minutes and be working toward your certificate or degree within a few days.

Click Here to have your name on the Certificate/License

See your Certificate/License Here

Note: This Certificate/License is granted only on the completion of the
Bachelor's degree program.