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Online Catalog
Quick Reference of Degrees and Certificates Offered

Freedom Bible College is an online Bible school that is recognized by Bible colleges world-wide.
Distance learning and resident classes are available.
Certificate Programs
1. Pastoral Certificate
2. Christian Workers Certificate
3. Christian Workers Certificate for the Visually Impaired
4. Biblical Studies Certificate
5. Undergraduate Teaching Certificate

6. Prison and Hospital Chaplain Certificate
7. Teacher's Certificate Program - Graduate
8. Christian Counselor's Certificate Program - Graduate

Associate Degrees
1.  Associate of Liberal Christian Studies
2.  Associate of Ministry
Bachelor's Degrees 
1. Bachelor of Christian Studies
2. Bachelor of Biblical Studies
3. Bachelor of Theology
4. Bachelor of Ministry
5. Bachelor of Ministry - Prison and Hospital Chaplaincy
6. Bachelor of Ministry - Rudiments of Christian Counseling
7. Bachelor of Ministry - Rudiments of Family & Emotional Counseling
8. Bachelor of Ministry - Rudiments of Abuse Counseling

9. Bachelor of Ministry - Youth Emphasis
10. Bachelor of Ministry - Church Publications Emphasis
     (Formerly Bachelor of Christian Journalism)
11. Bachelor of Ministry - Church Management Emphasis
    (Formerly Bachelor of Church Business Management)
Bachelor of Ministry - Church Leadership
13. Bachelor of World Missions
14. Bachelor of Christian Education 
15. Bachelor of Church History
Bachelor of Evangelism

Master's Degrees Offered
1.  Master of Theology
2.  Master of Ministry
3.  Master of Divinity (Requires Thesis)
4.  Master of Ministry - Christian Counseling Psy. Emphasis
5.  Master of Christian Education
6Master of Church Leadership
Doctoral Degrees Offered
1.  Doctorate of Theology
2.  Doctorate of Ministry
3.  Doctorate of Ministry - Christian Counseling Psy. Emphasis
4.  Doctorate of Christian Education
Advanced Doctoral Degree in Religious Research (R.R.D.)
                                  (Compare to Ph.D.)
1. Doctor or Religious Research in Biblical Studies
2. Doctor or Religious Research in Christian Counseling Psychology
3. Doctor or Religious Research in Christian Apologetics
4. Doctor or Religious Research in Eschatology
5. Doctor or Religious Research in Theology
6. Doctor or Religious Research in Christian Education
7. Doctor or Religious Research in Ministry
8. Doctor or Religious Research in Biblical History
9. Doctor or Religious Research in Youth Ministry

Important Note: These pages are primarily for distance learning students.
For information about resident campuses, please email
admissions@freedombiblecollege.org or call 479-373-6420

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 Freedom Bible College and Seminary

    Welcome to Freedom Bible College and Seminary.  I am very pleased that you have expressed an interest in learning more about Christianity for whatever service God has called you.  As you may be aware, FBCS is our ministry.  Educating the world to save the world is more than just a motto, it is our calling.

    As you look through these pages, I hope that it is apparent that we are serious about that goal.  Our classes are numerous and our courses are not the easiest, but we are proud to offer them.  We are strong in the belief that by giving people a more solid Christian educational foundation, they will better be able to go through the world and spread His word.

    Often we are asked what denomination we are.  I hope that from our course work, you will see that our personal beliefs are not important. Our goal is to offer an education that is truly interdenominational. I would ask that you take the time to look at the Freedom Christian Ministry Association information at the end of this catalog where I share more information on divisions within the Christian faith.  Our goal is to give you information on Christianity, to give you information on various denominational views and to give you the tools you need to make your own decisions.  Authors of our courses vary across the board on beliefs, and that is not by accident.  Learn the views of one and then the views of another so that you can follow the views you believe are true.

    I've referred to our program but now would like to discuss some of the advantages in more particular.  Here are just a few reasons why we are set apart from others.

    Resident (Assisted Academics SM) Branch Colleges:
    Because of the tremendous growth of FBCS we are no longer able to individually list resident branches and affiliate colleges. You may call the offices to see if there is one near you.

    For more information on establishing your own FBCS Branch College or Training Center, contact the FBCS general offices.  Also, existing Bible colleges, schools, institutes or other Christian establishments may apply for affiliate status.

    We believe that FBCS is on the cutting edge of contemporary Christian education.  We understand that gaining an education can be very daunting, and in order to relieve some of that stress, we strive to afford each student with personal and intimate contact with staff members.  We have a variety of online programs to aid you in getting the support you need.  You could email several different types of tests to our office, have access to our chaplain as well as the dean of psychology and dean of undergraduate students, and I myself will be glad to address any concerns you may have either now or once your studies have begun.

    When you complete your studies, which you will do at your own pace, you may choose to come to a scenic area in or around Northwest Arkansas in the spring of each year where we have graduation ceremonies and celebrations.  We also have class rings for those who wish to share with others their educational experience.

    We offer two Regional Representative programs, one for part-time volunteers and one for full-time, self employed representatives. These programs are in place to reward students who share our ministry with others.  If you share our goal to help others learn more about Christ, this may be what you need.

     FBCS also offers a program for Learning Disabled adults. The Freedom Achiever's Program is designed to work with a pastor or sponsor. The student is assigned tasks that are within their abilities and upon completion, they are issued a prestigious certificate from FBCS.